Is there… the best experience of the top 5 I posted during this week by teacher Clayton Zeca

Is there… the best experience of the top 5 I posted during this week.?
Much of what I have lived on my journey through Oceania, Asia and Africa for 9 months.

What’s the value of a hug?
What is the value of gratitude?
What is the value of unconditional love?
Best experience of my trip.
One of the greatest experiences of my life and that my inner voice always whispered and dreamed of doing.
Volunteering inside the Thailand, in sa kaeo, East of Bangkok on the border with Cambodia, changed me completely as a person.
I stayed in an isolated province called watthana nakhon, in the middle “out of nowhere”, with many humble people in their wooden houses and where the school was a reference point for children.
Too hot and without air conditioning, I lived for a month in a school room. I went through several new and unusual situations like hanging out with various insects at night, washing clothes in the basin and seeing children with bags full of frogs still alive, after hunting, ready to go to pot. Among many other things.
Teaching English for children from 4 to 12 years in 4 classes a day was challenging (because I was never teacher or in Brazil), but at the same time charming. Nervousness and smiles every day!
Teaching someone a language that for them or the alphabet is equal, made me have every day to use creativity and patience to the extreme, because it is not my native language either.
Each day more beautiful than the other, but at the same time, the children were more comfortable with me, and as intimacy does not go back, more bagunceiras too… and without understanding anything I spoke of. Imagine?! 😬😄
I loved living in the background the culture culture, with teachers and directors taking me to many events that were going. Were formalities, parties of their culture or Buddhists, I, of the only westerners there along with my friend and also volunteer Letícia Zotto, were treated as artists. Photos with all the time and very well received anywhere.
Today, now writing this text, I remember all that I have lived and I will finish by bringing these memories.
Live life.
Share help and love. See references beyond our bubbles and truths. Accept and learn. Expand.
I want that forever and I want it for everyone who wants to go there.
Count me in!!!
Thanks to every friend I made in that country and that’s for life.
I planted a tree there and I need to come back, at the invitation of my friend Manop Manta, in 5 years at most, to see how she is… and I will, my friend!
My gratitude also to my dear, beautiful, warrior, inspiration and friend Leticia Mello, who was who showed me this way in Thailand and many other paths of courage in life ❤️😃

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