Everything here will become an irreplaceable thing in my life in Nongsamed School by Bella2018

My 1-month volunteer experience in Nongsamed School


PART 1: Arriving in Thailand

It was July 19th. When I overlooked the Bangkok form the plane, I was so excited because this is my first time to travel abroad alone. Although everything is an uncertainty to me, but I still reckon everything will be fine. And what happened in next one month confirmed my thought.


The beginning of everything

(With the help of Jason, local people, I took the bus to Sakeao province.)

About 5 hours later, it was very dark in the outside when I arrive in nearby bus station. But I didn’t feel any homesick, because everyone I met was so so so nice! Everyone knows Thailand is the Land of Smiles, and I have felt it everywhere that I’ve gone. And then, I eventually met my director, she was already waiting for me (I was keeping in touch with school’s teacher) —P. Kanjana! My first impression of her is that she is so kind. We were both excited to meet each other, we talked about our feelings and so on. she also bought me traditional Thai food, when I tasted…um… although it a little different form china, but! It was very delicious.


I and my director~~

Then, I was talking with her for a while. Because it was so late, so I went to take a shower and went to bed. I remembered that night I was so excited to fall asleep, because everything seemed like an unreality. Also, I was looked forward to seeing the kids, too.


The breakfast director made for me!

In all, after meeting with children, teacher and everything, I formally started my teaching.


These are our school teacher, all of them are great persons.

PART 2: Daily teaching

During my teaching period, I stay with Meaw—a beautiful girl and she looks so young!! Meaw takes care of my daily life haha. She is a very interesting girl. And I think she is my friend, too.


My job is teaching English (for kindergarten 1-2 and primary 1-3), so the teaching content is also relatively easy, I remembered when the I came to school the children really surprised me, the school teacher taught them how to say hello in Chinese, they were so enthusiastic. I was very happy!! And the kids were so curious about you. Every little one looked at you all the time. That let me feel a little embarrassed at first ha-ha. But I want to say, I love them! And the school is so beautiful!! Blue walls, little cabin…
9 10


First meeting with kids

 Because the foundation of every grade is different, so it’s more important for me to make different teaching plan. For example, I think the alphabet is the most important things for kindergarten 1 and primary 1. And because the children are very young, game, rewards, cartoon movie should add to class. Even sometimes they cannot understand you but is was not a problem because everyone is very expecting you.

12 13 14 15 16 17

I & my students❤

To be honest, I never feel time went so fast before. One-week past, then two, three, who can believe this is the last week for me to teach those lovely kids.

For me, every grade has their own character~ the kindergarten’s kids like to hug you, ha-ha. They are so young, sometimes they will be absent-minded, but when you say:” set down!” they will understand you and pay attention to learning. Then, the primary 1. I think they are very clever and enthusiastic. They like learning English especially English carton movies ha-ha. They are so young, so when the say anything “wow!! So lovely!” I was thought of that. And primary 2, oh they are so energetic. Some little guys are naughty but how to say, I also like them, I know they just want to communicate with me (use their own ways.) finally, primary 3. Compared to other students, they are old enough to understand most of my meanings. So, it’s relatively easy to teach them. Sometimes I even thought I should teach them more difficult things ha-ha.

To sum up, all the students are enthusiastic, they will say hello whenever they meet you. They are always perfectly polite and beautifully mannered and they like help you to anything if you need. So I really don’t know how to say goodbye to them. I don’t want to leave them, they are angles to me.

18 19

                        Primary 2&3

Episode:Bella’s one day

–7:30—8:00 Morning exercise (students come to school, they will clean up and do morning exercise.)

–8:00 Arrive at office (we often receive different kind of food from K.Toom, ha-ha, she is a very ingenuity person! In my eyes, she can make everything!)

21 22 23

Very very dilious food

–8:30—11:30 Teaching (we have our own schedule)


“good morning, teacher”

“thank you, teacher”

They always said…




–11:30—12:30 Lunch time


because I usually didn’t bring my cell phones when I went for eating. So, I didn’t take many photos, but there’s one thing can be assured… all the food! Are delicious! And I want to say, “Thank you, K. Sai!”

–12:30—13:30 Praying (all the students would do this)

–13:30—15:30 Teaching

–15:30—24:00 Free time (K. Meaw always took us go outside for dinner or bought anything we want. I like 7-11!) after dinner, we can relax at home, my bedroom is so cute! Then took a shower, relaxing, sleeping…)



Weekend: relax & fun & happy

  1. Meaw will took us go outside, like big market, we are so happy! I like the weekend! Sometimes we stayed with director, she often took us to go to many beautiful places. Prepared delicious food!

282930 31

PART 3: Advice for children

As an English major student, I deeply know the importance of vocabulary. I think the most important thing for children is to remember the words. And I personally think that the accent is not the primary problem. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak as good as native speakers. The most important thing is that others can understand what you say. The mastery of words is the most important. I remembered when I was a kid, my teacher always made us recite English articles to learn English. And I really think it is a good way until now, I call it imperceptibility. Reciting will daily and hourly exercising an invisible, formative influence on the pupils’ vocabulary and pronouncement.


PART 4: Colorful activities

I think we are very lucky because we caught many traditional activities. Such as “The King’s birthday” “Mother’s Day”. We can not only have a holiday, but also get a chance to Wear traditional Thailand costumes. They are so beautiful!!


The King’s Birthday


Mother’s Day

   on those holidays, students and teachers will get up early, everyone made elaborate preparations for the festival. I like to sit beside them. It’s a pleasure for me to feel the exotic customs at such a close distance.


In addition, we also have plenty of weekend activities. Teachers always took us to show around and eat very delicious Thai food. How happiness I am!! Oh yeah, I have to say, I love the potato chips, ice cream yogurt and mangos teen very much!

38 37 36 35 39

So beautiful





I have to say Thailand is a very beautiful country, I like their great temples, I like their tall trees, I like their special flowers. This is an amazing land.

PART5: My feelings

Now, I know we only have a few short days left. It’s been so wonderful meeting everyone, everything. And it’s going to be difficult to start the next chapter of my live. But I want to say that I’m so appreciated all the times we were able to stay together. Everything is dim with the passing of time, but I can never forget that moment when we separated.


K.Rewat / K.Mhong / K.Toom / K.Yut / k.Meaw / K.Kanjana / K.Toy / K.Tongsai / K.Khead / K.Mam


Goodbye K.Rewat, Goodbye K.Mhong, Goodbye K.Toom, Goodbye K.Yut, Goodbye k.Meaw, Goodbye K.Kanjana my director, Goodbye K.Toy, Goodbye K.Tongsai, Goodbye K.Khead, Goodbye K.Mam.

Everything here will become an irreplaceable thing in my life.

I really appreciate everyone here.

I will miss you so much.

Best wishes for you.