Our Staff

The member of our team are diverse but united the mission of ICCVTT


jasonJason Nontakan: Founder of ICCVTT

” Life is too short and everyone should have a good life, but is not for all the kids in this world. It always has someone there who really need help…When I was in California, I had volunteered at a local Buddhist temple and it was an unforgettable experience to my whole life. Now I would like to thank you to all people I have met that gave me such amazing stories . Now, it is  time for me and you to give something back to the world . I believe you will definitely be positively affected”

Education: B,Ed (Elementary Education), M.A. ( Development Studies), Burapha University, M.Ed (Education Administrator ), Phathumthani University,
Work Place: Sakeao, Thailand
Occupation: Primary Teacher
Hobbies: traveler,writer



Runhui Wang (Jerry): Founder’s assistant      

“My time is Bansawanrat, located in Udon Thani, Northeastern Thailand .Two months is very short, but I feel so greatful for such a great opportunities to explore the Thai culture and Thai culture and Thai people. It was one of the best time in my life!. I hope can slightly change those lovely kids  in Bansawanrat, but first of all they changed me. Now, I still can help them through interviewing quantified volunteers, which seem to be something I love to so my spare time. Hope you can join us. And explore the world you may not touch before because life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get”

Education: M.A in Marketing,Jianghan University
Work Place: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Freelancer
Hobbies: Traveling ,photographing , reading, learning the Dialect



78838843459401741Qian Shao (Victoria): Job Interviewer

“28 days at Watputthisan School in 2013 was really a fond time for me. I experienced, watched and kept thinking everything of this program. Due to the special meaning of this program, I decided to help Jason do something after I finished my 28-days volunteer work. Now I assist Jason to interview Chinese applicants in order to accept better volunteers and give the children better education”

Education: MSc in Financial Statistics ,The University of Manchester
Work Place: Zhejiang, China
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Hobbies: data analysis, running




215447  Huimin Zheng (Daisy):Job Interviewer

“Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world. Although I stayed in Thailand for only 38 days, the lovely time staying with cute students and friendly teachers in Sakeao really left me an unforgettable memory. In addition, through the summer camp and a talk with the director Jason, I was entirely moved by his voluntary passion and I sincerely want to be a member of this team to help do something meaningful. I wish that more people can join this program to experience a unique voluntary journey! ”

Education: MSc TESOL,The Unviersity of Edinburgh,UK
Work Place: Edinburgh,UK
Occupation: Full-time student
Hobbies: reading, traveling and running



 Siyi Yu(Regina): Job Interviewer

“I did the five weeks’ voluntary work in Klong 13 School, which is located in the rural area of Sakeao, Thailand. At that time, I not only taught primary students English, but also took part in the preparation and operation of the New Year’s Festival and the Children’s Day. Living together with the teacher’s family gave me more chances to know and experience the most local Thai culture and the most authentic Thai food. The voluntary work left me a very deep impression and became into a really invaluable part of my life. I hope that more volunteers could have the chance to do the meaningful things!”

Education: Master of Accounting, The Australian National University
Occupation: Full-time student
Work Place: Canberra, Australia
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, jogging, cooking and trying new and challenging things



Pang Yuejie (Elena): Public Relation

“I love education,and I love kids,so I chose to be a volunteer through our program this summer.I spent the most meaningful month in AnubanKlonghat school with my boys and girls.They were so cute ,pure and enthusiastic,which gave me a lot of courage and relief of my choice.This is the best choice I’ve ever made. At the same time,they inspired my passion of doing something for them,the kids who need help of more kind and nice people. During my one-month stay,I could feel the direct love between students and me . Now I want to share the wonderful experience to more and more people ,and the same time,I do hope that we can do something for the lovely children to make some contribution to their further life.”

Education: Bachelor in English Literature,Qingdao University
Occupation: Full-time student
Hobbies: Piano,jogging




Andre Sillva: FAQ (Europe and Americas)

“For years I had this wish to work as volunteer one day, I searched some programs but some of then are out of my reality, pay to help, expensive programs, and one day I met Jason and his program for volunteer teacher in Thailand in the book Do For Love, by Leticia Mello. At the first time I doubted about my capacity to help, to teach English for children’s but when I started something happened inside me and I became Teacher Andre, trying to find every day new forms to help those kids, and enjoying the time with them, laughing and playing football and volleyball after class, cycling around the small village, living and learning about Thai culture and food with those amazing people.While I was there working as a volunteer for one month in a Bannonghoy School, Jason invited me to help him with the FAQ for Europe and Americas, I am really proud to be here, working with such a great guy with a big dream and enormous heart, Jason. Just one last thing: This is a life changing experience, be prepared and with your heart open.”

Education: Pharmacy and Biochemistry,UNIP – Sao Paulo University
Occupation: Digital Entrepreneur.
Hobbies: Books, write, traveling and talk with people of most different cultures.


Untitled Supachai Visachai (M):Website Developer

“I am so happy to be the part of the great project. I would love to use of my knowledge of technical to support and could make a  big change for the communities”

Education: M.S (Computer science),Suan Dusit University.
Occupation: Programmer
Work Place: Nonthaburi, Thailand
Hobbies: photographying