MOVED FOR TODAY by Francis Brown@ Banpongcom School, Thailand


❤️I was Really Moved Today❤️

After class in the afternoon, I took students home with Uncle Kit. They taught me Thai in a warm way, and shared snacks with me, which was eally Good.


On the road, I saw the impact of the floods in the past few days on the crops. They told me in Thai that this was a flood. I was so sorry to hear that.


Then I went by an abandoned school. Because there were no students and teachers, and the traffic was inconvenient, it was abandoned…


After Sending the students home one by one, they also waved goodbye to me, which are very cute.


After returning to school for a while, I met the the cute little girl and her mother who send us food everyday, they sent snacks and very delicious dinner for me and River. They are very kind and considerate. And In next morning we also sent them some snacks:)


After dinner, I borrowed the No-key motorcycle from Note(grade 9 student, Uncle Kit’s son) to go to the shop near Bannonghoy School to buy snacks and fruit. After riding back, I gave some to Uncle Kit and Note.


Seeing that Note was cutting the meat very hard, I helped him cut the meat. And I cooked it for the first time. Fortunately, it tasted not bad, because I was not familiar with the seasoning, I only used soy sauce and salt.


Then I went with them to  cut hair in a barber shop near the Bannonghoy school. The barber shop is very simple, only has “cut”, no “wash” and “blow”, but this time the haircut is really unforgettable and very satisfied for me. It is the longest time and the most careful and thoughtful haircut. One of the most touched/ moved things I have encountered since I ‘ve come Thailand. When I finished my haircut and I wanted to pay (30 baht, equivalent to 6 yuan), the barber and Uncle Kit told me that the haircut was for free. I was surprised at the time. I couldn’t understand what they were saying. And then through the translation, the software showed that “teacher is for free.” Then I confirmed it to Note again (when he held a cup of water provided by the barber’s wife for me to drink), he wrote Thai on the translation software and told me that “Your country is far away from here, and you teach students for free, so it’s free”…[love]

I am really satisfied with my hairstyle. So grateful and Moved (Almost cried)

💞Thanks for all kind people, thanks for ICCVTT.💕

❤️ขอบคุณมาก/ Thank u Very Much.❤️