Teaching 4th Grade by John Millspaugh

Teaching 4th Grade

On Friday, I had an enjoyable class with my eleven 4th-graders. They are a really smart group though often seem unmotivated. I have interspersed my lessons with fun videos (e.g. Pixar shorts) and they had begun to start chanting “video, video” as soon as they entered the classroom. So, I was a bit surprised with how well it went when I decided to “wing it” and sit down and just try to get them to understand a few things: specifically about how the words “on”, “in”, “under”, “over”, and “near” are used (well, often used, anyway). Jason was in the room at the time (which probably was part of the reason they were more focused) and he asked to borrow my phone – he took several short videos and I’ve strung them together below. I consider this class one of the high points in my tenure here. There have been equally profound low points 🙂

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