Thai Family and Friends by Andra Ly.Australia, Free Vounteer Thailand Project

Thai Family and Friends

I really need to dedicate a post to the amazing people I have met whilst volunteering here in Thailand.
When I first arrived I was greeted and taken to the house of P Ay, the teacher who organises english volunteers for Anuban Wat Sakeao. She is an honest and open woman who automatically treats you like family. She lives with her caring husband P Aod (‘Pee’ is a formal word you place in front of names of anyone older than you) and their daughter little monkey. Her name is Earn but everyone affectionately calls her LupLing (Thai for little monkey).

P Aod and P Ay. They have been my Thai sister and brother whilst I’ve been here and have taken care of me so well! From breakfast/dinner to ointment for my mozzie bites, they got everything covered.

And of course this is little monkey. She is cute and mature at the same time. A little shy at first but she is such an intelligent and bright girl, destined for great things!

My Thai family and I always enjoy eating at different places all the time!

And with Lucy who was a previous volunteer that came to visit!

I also got to spend a great weekend with the family of one of the vice directors of the school – P Ah. She has a large family that lives in a nearby district called Watthana Nakhon. Her family owns many beautiful crop fields that we got to explore when I was there.

P Ah with her cute kids – EQ (Boy) and Jah Jah.

P Ah is only one of the many other vice directors that treated me so well, the others were equally as inviting and pleasant to be around even though they knew little english.

With the exception of a handful of local teachers, most of them don’t speak english. There are over 100 teachers at the school. Some speak a few basic words.

At the school there is a group of younger female teachers that are close friends. I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with them and they took me exploring, swimming and out to dinner. They’re a really funny bunch and I think they have learnt some more english off me!

Also this is Choky – his english is great and he’s really helpful and nice!
I have so many other teachers that I would love to put photos of but unfortunately I did not get to catch them all on my camera and you would probably be sitting there for ages. There are just so many kind and loving people at this school. I assume this is the compassionate nature teacher’s possess, they have taken care of me so well that I cannot thank each and every one of them enough.

Korp khun kha !