A world full of love by Leticia Zotto at Bannonghoi School, Thailand2018

After so many years planning to do a volunteering, I believe that was the best choice of country – beautiful Thailand – and also the best place to do it – schools from ICCVVT program.People are very united and they really care for each other. And Thailand is the ‘Land of Smiles’ for sure.The English teaching was a challenge: preparing classes for children with an alphabet different from mine.
But all the looks, smiles and gestures made a better understanding. And at the end of the class, receiving those strong hugs was priceless. The classes preparation, the intense hot weather (as I was not used to), the different / spicy food, their different habits and routines,  all seems to be difficult; but they were easy things as a New World was being opened to me. And I really loved all these differences and felt that the new world was a place that I really felt part of it.I saw in these children, beyond purity and simplicity, an extraordinary strenghtness, and I really hope that as for me, these children I had contact with and all the others in the project,  have a new world opening up to them too.
I am believing in my dreams even harder and I hope they feel the same, as I came from so far away.I am definitely no longer the same person! I am very Thankful for Jason’s initiative of the ICCVVT project, that believes in a world full of love and without borders!
Thanks Jason , ICCVVT and Bannonghoy School (Mrs. Jirawat and all the teachers), for all the organization and support,  information, caring, accomodation, lots of food, etc
Thanks to introduce me this New World with new colours, new flavours, new music, huge faith, respect and lots of culture. I am really happy to experience that, and I am only waiting for the next time! 💖