What A Splendid Volunteering Experience

What A Splendid Volunteering Experience In Pangcom School

You’ve never known what will happen till you experience. Just imagine will never know how strong it is.

Part I: Youd better know why you are here.

After more than 6-hour drive from Bangkok, I got to my destination the “Pongcom School”. I was passionate about teaching the next day. Just on the day I got here, I took a cold shower without a shower head, and had a sweet dream even through there are many insects and pests. Because I know why I am here. I ain’t here to enjoy but to volunteer, to experience and to love. So I am so happy to be here, and everything seems all right.

On the first day of teaching, the kids in kindergarten are so cute. They are very curious about who you are and why you are here. But they don’t know how to express. So they just acted in their own way — sitting with you and playing with you, which makes me think volunteering is so easy!


After the class of Grade 3 – 7, I got to know they really need our help.

Because they were afraid to say anything in English. I changed my direction of my teaching plan. What I have to do in the next month is to help them “OPEN” their mouths, no matter what they can say in English and whether they are correct or not. To make my English class more energetic so as everyone here want to join me and say something in English, I taught my kids some easy dances like macarena, cupit shuffle etc. and songs. They need to love your English class then they want to say it! I’ve never felt so welcomed and popular when walking on the way school, every kid says “Teacher Yang! Teacher Yang!!” and run to you to hug you and want to shake hands with you. Even some kids “climbed” to your back and shoulders. I love this feeling so much, something kind of pure and glorious and you are really imminently needed here.


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 Part II: Teachers and Director are so glad to help you.

Because of the limit of my luggage, I cannot bring my computer here, so Teacher Pom help me borrow one director, and I can keep it the whole month. She also help me borrow a mosquito net which means a lot for me. Everyday some teachers bring the dishes for lunch and we eat together, so you can taste the real Thai food, peculiar and amazing! Sometimes we eat some bananas, coconuts and mangoes after lunch. Teachers here are glad to know your feelings about the new life in their school which makes me at home. One of the warm-hearted teachers sent me a flower made by herself.




 Part III: You must be satisfied about the weekends here.

We had a three-day off because of the “Buddhist holy days”. We visited the temple with director, teachers and elder students. Teacher Pom also drove us to somewhere spectacular and wonderful with her whole families. We ate some traditional Japanese Food (called Shadu Indy), visited a Dam and some gardens here, I appreciate so much about Teacher Pom. She treated me as her sons, and I regard her as my Thai mom.

So the experiences here are not only teaching and volunteering but touching the real Thailand and feeling the kindness of Thai people here. We can just teach a little to kids to help them grow, but we can really learn more about life in Thailand during your experience!

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